Friday 5 December 3000

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Video Game Chars

Street Fighter: The Movie Chars

I'm not a tight-ass. Feel free to edit and do what you want to these characters. It's not like I drew every frame myself by hand :P

Wednesday 4 December 2013


To mark my triumphant return to MUGEN, here is what is sure to be the worst character I, or anyone else for that matter, could ever create! Why did I make this? Just something simple to refresh my memory on how building a character works. 
She has sweet fuck-all moves... apart from a jumping kick, which is F, F, X or Y, or together. Apart from that, she sucks, but works. Pretty much no effort went into making this at all!
Download, if you REALLY must have it.

New WaterBridge and Double Dragon Stages

Been quite some time since I did anything on MUGEN.

This is nothing much, just a stage from Double Dragon (iphone I think) I found sprites for. It is animated. 


This one is from some game or another? I forgot what it was from. The water animates. 


Friday 21 September 2012

The Undertaker

I give to you, The Undertaker. This is completely 100% made by me, and the sprites are ripped by me as well, so don't get this confused with a previous shitty version of this character someone released a while back.

This Undertaker has all the moves from the Arcade classic. The moves may not be done exactly the same, but I hope that doesn't stop you from enjoying this release.

This taker comes with all the specials, the Tombstomb piledriver, the choke slam, the tombstomb smashes, demon projectiles and a shit load more. Also includes a shit load of sounds that are not just of The Undertaker, but commentary parts from Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler taken from the Arcade game as well.

This has taken a while to make, so I hope it's near perfect. I beleive this is the best character I have made so far.

Updated (26, Sept, 2012)
~ Added More Sounds
~ Removed Commands for Unused Supers
~ Realigned Certain Sprites
~ Removed Sprite Shadows
~ New Alternate Color Palettes

~ Super Damages Corrected

Download The Man From The Darkside.....The Phenom, ......The Dead Man,
Mrs 30 - 0 at Wrestlefakia. ......The 5 time World Hamster Tossing Champion.
..............................The Underpantstaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Daytona USA stages

I've had some backgrounds from Daytona USA laying around for a while and didn't know what else to do with them. These 2 stages are the same stage, but with a different background. They contain a bunch of Nascars driving by on the track and comes with the Daytona USA theme song.


Sunday 9 September 2012

Road Runner

Nothing spectacular about this character, I just found the sprite sheet and figured why not, it would be a quick character to make, and it was. I used to own the game on SNES (who cares?), and I don't think anyone has made it before? (still don't give a fuck do you?)

As I said, there is nothing special about this character, he pretty much only has pecking attacks, apart from a jumping claw attack, but he runs, he meep's and pokes his tongue out like the Road Runner. The specials are mostly just pecker moves... just a simple character for any Road Runner fans out there... also comes with the stage you see.

~ Fixed some collisions that wern't connecting with smaller opponents.
~ Added a new running speed/dash move (use 'z' or 'c' buttons)


Monday 3 September 2012


"The Terminator" & "Orpheus" have been updated... 

Also a new "Zeus Temple" stage has been added to the Battle of Olympus stages.