Friday, 21 September 2012

The Undertaker

I give to you, The Undertaker. This is completely 100% made by me, and the sprites are ripped by me as well, so don't get this confused with a previous shitty version of this character someone released a while back.

This Undertaker has all the moves from the Arcade classic. The moves may not be done exactly the same, but I hope that doesn't stop you from enjoying this release.

This taker comes with all the specials, the Tombstomb piledriver, the choke slam, the tombstomb smashes, demon projectiles and a shit load more. Also includes a shit load of sounds that are not just of The Undertaker, but commentary parts from Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler taken from the Arcade game as well.

This has taken a while to make, so I hope it's near perfect. I beleive this is the best character I have made so far.

Updated (26, Sept, 2012)
~ Added More Sounds
~ Removed Commands for Unused Supers
~ Realigned Certain Sprites
~ Removed Sprite Shadows
~ New Alternate Color Palettes

~ Super Damages Corrected

Download The Man From The Darkside.....The Phenom, ......The Dead Man,
Mrs 30 - 0 at Wrestlefakia. ......The 5 time World Hamster Tossing Champion.
..............................The Underpantstaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  1. is the tombstone still work?

  2. Yes. Both the Tombstone Smash and the Tombstone Piledriver are working.

  3. but why is the tombstone so dificult to do ,did you change the input of the move or what?

  4. ; ~ Snapmare = Hold Towards Opponent, Strong Punch (close)
    ; ~ Neck Breaker = Hold Towards Opponent, Strong Kick (close)
    ; ~ Running Drop Kick = F, F, Either Kick
    ; ~ Choke Slam = D, F, Punch (close)
    ; ~ Tombstone Smash = D, B, Punch
    ; ~ Spirit/Ghost Projectile = D, B, Strong Punch
    ; ~ Demons Projectile = D, F, Strong Punch
    ;==Super Moves==
    ; ~ Triple Tombstone Smashes = D, B, both Punches
    ; ~ Triple Choke Slam = D, F, both Punches (close)
    ; ~ Tombstomb Piledriver = D, B, D, B, Either Punch (close)

    1. I can't do it the way it was in the game, which was F, F P, then D, D P or something. You can change the move commands around. Look into it.

  5. no its k but the thing is that since the arcade was hard mind you i could do the fatality which was harder but thats the problem the input that you gave us is kinda broken hell i never seen the cpu use it can you at least give me the name because i cant find it on the commands or did you use a preset?

  6. It's the super motion.

    name = "SmashKFUpper"
    command = ~D, DB, B, D, DB, B, x
    time = 20

    name = "SmashKFUpper"
    command = ~D, DB, B, D, DB, B, y
    time = 20

  7. hi! i seem to have a problem loading ur Undertaker character in my mugen. i keep getting this error message "can't load act purple" what should i do to fix this? thx.

  8. Hmmm. Weird. I made this for MUGEN 1.0 and have not played it much in over a year, nor updated to the latest mugens.. That may be the problem.

    The act file purple is the purple palette. Does it only crash when selecting the purple color, or does using another button allow you to select a different color?

    It's possible also it may be reading it in the wrong directory?
    1. Go to the Undertakers character files you downloaded.
    2. Open the "The Undertaker.def" file (the text document)
    3. Scroll down to "[files]
    4. Does it say "pal2 = Act/Purple.act"?
    5. That means the act file it wants to find is in the "act" folder. Make sure "purple.act" is in the "act" folder.
    6. If it is, make sure the spelling of the file is exactly the same as what is written in the "act" folder.
    7. You didn't change the name of the act folder did you?
    8. If that does not work. Try redownloading the character again and just replace that purple one over the existing one you have, and see if it updates it (maybe it got corrupted)?
    9. If that does not work. Try moving just the purple.act to the main root folder of The Undertaker char (take it out of the act folder and put it in the main "The Undertaker" folder.
    10. Rename that part in the .def file that says "act/purple.def to just "purple.def", hit save and see if that works.

    If none of that fixes it, I think it the problem must be you are using something other than mugen 1.0, or windows mugen 1.0 or something?

  9. Kane for Mugen

  10. No Last Ride, but then again he didn't have the move back when WWF Arcade came out