Monday, 23 July 2012

Double Dragon Stuff

Character: Burnov


Burnov is the stage 1 boss of Double Dragon II. That game is one of my all-time favorite games on the NES. Unfortunately the NES graphics look shithouse compared to these sprites from (suprisingly) the GameyBoy Advance! There is another sprite sheet out there for an another version of him, but I used this because it is truer to the NES version that I love.

He only has the one punch, a should charge move and a bit of a shove, oh, and a throw... due to limited sprites to use. I have given the shoulder (as shown) a bunch of various super moves, so he won't be just a shitty character with one move.

It only took me maybe an hour or so to put this character together. So when you see there is not a variety of moves, keep in mind, I really couldn't be fucked making new custom sprites.

- Adjusted CLSN's
- New laser eyes Move
- Few sounds added
- Lose animation slightly changed and fixed from repeating on original.
- Multiple Face Smashes (throw move)

Download v1.3

STAGE - Double Dragon - Home (Remake)

The stage from Double Dragon 1 - Arcade.
Plus a remade version.
Includes a background audio mp3 file of Double Dragon II's opening stage theme.

Stage: Double Dragon II - Home (remake)

This stage is a remake of the starting stage from Double Dragon II. I was making the original then through why not upgrade it to make it look a bit better? I cut off that side angle thing tho. 


Character: Be-Bop & Rocksteady


 Be-Bop & Rocksteady!Close enough to being originals.
- CLSN fixes
- BeBop has a couple of re-instated specials. (still multiple shoulder charges)
- Lose animation fixed.
- Added sounds for gun and laser fire.


Character: Metal Head

I can't beleive no-one has ever made a Metalhead before? Well, here he is. Replaced sprites over Raphael by "Erradicator".

I haven't full tested this one out yet, pfft, who am I kidding, I haven't fully tested jack shit I have made, but if you find any bugs, please let me know and i'll try to fix them.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Duke (nukem) Strip Bar

Stage: Duke Club

This is re-worked Vega (sf2) stage. I've added new textures to everything and replaced the people with the strippers from Duke Nukem 3D. Fully animated.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Character: Gizmo

Another sprite swap. I've used the original Gizmo by "Mature4Ever" (pictured on the right) and sprite swapped it with another games Gizmo sprites. I have not changed around any of the moves, just a couple of win animations are alternated. I think Gizmo looks much better now.

Character: Stripe

Also in this download, Stripe! Made the same way, over KFM. A few custom animations and move ideas for him. There was no original character to base this on, so it's just what I came up with really.

Download Both Characters Here

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Terminator

Character: The Terminator

It puzzles me why no one has made a Terminator yet? There is a Arnie looking mod around somewhere, but no one seems to have made the actual Terminator himself... it's probably because of the limited games with decent sprites available. This one comes from Terminator on SNES... due to the lack of sprites, a lot of them are customized by me as there was only really walking and shooting icons, I had to make the rest myself.

It's not the best looking mod, but it is my first attempt at an original character, even tho it does pretty much just sprite swap with KFM. In future if I figure out the projectile shit, his bullets will be visible when he shoots, but for now it's kind of like a long hit with no bullets seen. Be nice to figure out how to make an opponent squit blood when shot.

This guy does not kick or punch, he just has the one move of firing his guy... like I said, thats all the sprites that where available, so I used what I had and customized what I could.

For now, it's not a great character, but someone out there may want any old T-800 they can get.

Update: September 4th 2012
Edited Some Sprites (better gun fire animations)
- Added a shitload of sounds
- Fixed collisions
- New Taunt (with sounds)
- Added a special "mini-gun" move (D,B,D,B,whatever button it is)
- New Intro

Download version 2

Saturday, 14 July 2012

How is sprite swapping done?

I've been asked by a couple of people how the process works of sprite swapping for MUGEN. It seems there is no guides on how to do it online, or even youtube... probably because it's something looked down upon by many MUGEN creators. But I say, fuck 'em... not everyone can get their head around all that coding.

However, even following this guide I have written, doesn't mean they will never figure out how to make a mod from scratch. I know I am getting there myself, but for now, this is the guide I wrote on how to sprite swap.

It's a zipped up PDF file because, it's the universal reader apparently?!


Version 1.2 Update; I forgot some information about the collision boxes. It has now been included in the new download here. If you downloaded the old version already, please download the new one.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Dim Sim

Character: Dim Sim (Dhalsim edit)

I was bored, so I wasted a few seconds making this edit to Dhalsim. When I first started playing SF2, myself and others, always joked about Dhalsim having a super long penis move or blowing the flame out of his ass... so that's what I did here. Had it been 20 years ago when the whole thing was fresh, it probably would be an awesome edit, but it's 2012, and well, it took me till today to become bored and make that stupid old idea finally come to life and not be able to show it to the people who would have loved it back in 1993 or so.

Whats changed is the strong punch now is an extended dick. Only 2 new sprites where replaced over the original for this. How fucking talented I am, I know. And then I fiddled with the settings to have Dhalsim face the other way when doing a Yoga Fire or Yoga Flame.. which is now the Yoga Fart I suppose. (sorry, no audio edit to go with it)

As for the name? I dunno, would you prefer DhalSLIM? Go and change it yourself :P


Thursday, 12 July 2012

AC-DC Stage

Stage: AC/DC

I'll give you one guess who my favorite band is? This is a custom AC/DC stage. Angus and Brian animate and the flashing chicks alternate around.

It was requested I make a clean version too for those who don't wanna see boobs in Mugen. So an alternate version is now available too.

I have also made a midi file to go with this stage. It's an edited version of "Thunderstruck" and is found in the Clean Version download.

Download NSFW version

Download Clean Version

Monday, 9 July 2012

Batman MK

Character: Batman


This batman is a sprite swap with someones Lui-Kang character (MK3) the def file does not indicate who made the char, but I do wish I used someone elses now, as this one did has some bugs in it.. or, bad coding I should say.

The sprites are from Batman Forever. It surprises me no one has made this version yet, as the game was very much like controlling a MK character. It was also made by the same guys who made MK. Maybe it was because it was such a shithouse game, not many knew about it?

Like I was saying, the original coding of Lui Kang had some off parts... for one, the block animation blinks unless you are genuinely blocking something... I have no idea how to fix that... do you?
The run for some reason does not work at all. And when doing the super kick (hold k for a few seconds then release) the stance appears above the ground level until you jump around or do a move etc...

Sorry for this not being perfect, I should have really tried out the original character first. But I will get around to having this fixed some day. For now, it's not that bad a character, works like a Mortal Kombatant, but I did not give it finish moves or anything like that.

The sprites look much better as a smaller character, but I enlarged it to MK sized characters... so it looks a little too pix-elated, but what can you do?


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Street Fighter The Movie Chars

Posted Image

For the rest of the characters already made, not made by me, (Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Sawada, Vega, Blanka) head on over to ....

Chun-Li (sftm)

This completes the set of SFTM chars not currently made. Chunggers doesn't have that slap around move she had in the movie game, but it's still a pretty good char without it.


I've finally made somewhat a decent character... actually it's more thanks to Fido who created the original character I edited here. Originally it was Fido's E.Honda from SF2... I took that char and substituted the sprites from his to the ones of SF The Movie.

However, because this is a sprite swap, and I am yet to learn coding and shit like that, this works just as his Honda did. That means this Honda does not have all of his SFTM moves... and quite a few animations have not been included. Mostly taunts and such. But that move where Honda attacked with the slaps and the rolling around stuff unfortunately is not present. 

Perhaps one day I will be able to include all that shit, or maybe someone might be nice enough to make it themselves; even better would be if they made it from scratch. But for now, this SFTM looking Honda works like that of Super Street Fighter II. 


This is Sagat from Street Fighter the movie. It is a sprite swap of SagatZ made by "zamtong".
Only glitch here is the low fireball isn't low enough, but apart from that, it's a lot better then the other crappy MKSagat that was released a few years back.


Balrog from Street Fighter the movie. Again, it's a sprite swap, swapped from Balrog by N64 Mario to SFTM sprites by me. Again, some specials are not included from the movie game, but you probably will not notice unless you played the shit out of it with Balrog.


Here's another one. Only problem with this one is the pile driver seems to not have the opponent in the right place. I've tried fixing it and moving the sprite around, but I can't seem to locate which one it is?
Also, it doesn't have the multiple punch move etc... it's a sprite swap from Fido's SF2_Zangief.


This just about wraps up my SFTM characters. Chun-Li is coming sooner then you think! She's already made, just trying to get some moves to work better. For now, here is Blade from SFTM. Now this is the furthest from the original as it gets. I have customised some moves, but they are all pretty much Bison's moves. It's a sprite swap over "Smoke"s M.Bison/Vega (sftm) character, the same one I have for D/l on this blog. I disabled one move tho, the flying upside down punch, cause I couldn't be fucked making custom sprites for it. But there is ALOT of moves like flame throwers, knife throws, rockets and such that are not in this release. Sorry, I just sprite swap, I can't code shit at the moment. However, I can see many people doing there own versions of this character in future. 

Character: Vega (sftm)

I never really fucked around with the Vega previously made before, but it was brought to my attention that it was pretty crap, I notice now it's a Pit Fighter character, and it sucks... so here is my latest Sprite swap... Vega is a sprite swap of N64Mario's Vega character. This one is just with the mask tho, N64 mario made it so you could use Vega with or without the mask, but I don't have 100 years to figure out where the mask's masks go, so this one just has a mask and that's it.

Like always, a couple of SFTM moves not included; no mask throw or ... I think that's about it? Oh, Some shitty sprites where created for the cage climb.