Friday, 8 June 2012

Orpheus (Battle of Olympus)


This is my first Mugen character; Orpheus from Battle of Olympus.
This was an easy edit, as Battle of Olympus was pretty much Zelda II (nes) only Link had become a character named Orpheus and it was set in ancient Greece.
It is one of my favorite nes games, so it was only natural to add him to Mugen, plus it was a very simple start.

Updated: 29/Aug/2012
- Collision Fixes.
- Sprite Transparency Fixes.
- 11 New Pallet Colors.
- Reduced Overall Size of Character from 9 Meg to whatever it is now.
- Fixed some shitty looking sprite combinations (attacks etc..)

Battle of Olympus Stages

In my first release, I released from Zeus Temple onwards, now there is 2 new stages. The first one you see is the Zeus Temple. It uses layers and the background chicks animate. I wish I had done this with the older Zeus Temple (Re-imaged) as this way looks much better.
Also included in the download is a new NES version of the Zeus Temple, now the sides of the stage is not visible, so no black doorway on the left, and no stupid step platform with the shitty looking gods on looking. Now the gods and peasants are in the same spots as where you see the chicks below. 
Download (same as above)


  1. Do you still have the version of Link that Ophreus is based off? If so, could you reupload it somewhere?

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