Monday, 4 June 2012

Stargate Stages

Stage: Stargate

My first animated stage creation. The Stargate from Atlantis. Not all that great, but it's a start. Stargate animates in background.


SG Desert & Pyramid

Here is a couple more Stargate related stages. The first is the pyramid from the movie Stargate. It actually has some depth to it. 
The second is a custom edit of the UMK3 desert stage.


Stage: SG Offworld

This stage is another Stargate stage. I used a couple of pictures found from their websites and combined them into the stage you see. It has two layers, depth, and that's about it.

Stage: The Dam

This stage isn't a SG stage, but euhh fuck it....this stage is 3 layers. The background being the dam that I took from a screen-cap in an ipod game called "Offroad Legends: Warmup", the ground is the standard ground used from Ken's Street Fighter II stage, and there is a animated mist element between the two.


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