Monday, 16 July 2012

The Terminator

Character: The Terminator

It puzzles me why no one has made a Terminator yet? There is a Arnie looking mod around somewhere, but no one seems to have made the actual Terminator himself... it's probably because of the limited games with decent sprites available. This one comes from Terminator on SNES... due to the lack of sprites, a lot of them are customized by me, as there was only really walking and shooting sprites, so I had to make the rest myself.

It's not the best looking mod, but it is my first attempt at an original character, even tho it does pretty much just sprite swap with KFM. In future if I figure out the projectile shit, his bullets will be visible when he shoots, but for now it's kind of like a long hit with no bullets seen. Be nice to figure out how to make an opponent squirt blood when shot.

This guy does not kick or punch, he just has the one move of firing his guy... like I said, thats all the sprites that where available, so I used what I had and customized what I could.

For now, it's not a great character, but someone out there may want any old T-800 they can get.

Update: September 4th 2012
Edited Some Sprites (better gun fire animations)
- Added a shitload of sounds
- Fixed collisions
- New Taunt (with sounds)
- Added a special "mini-gun" move (D,B,D,B,whatever button it is)
- New Intro

Download version 2


  1. at least you are trying and you made something that no one has done before muchless try so for that my good sir i take my hat off to you thank you and now since you know a bit more on making a character and what not maybe you can come back to this i surely hope so it would be nice - Darklight

  2. I will come back to it sooner or later and try to make improvements, however, there is very few sprites for this character from the SNES game, so unless I do customized sprites, there isn't a great lot I can do to improve it. However, looking at the picture I used here, the first thing I will be doing it improving that shitty looking firing of the gun. That does look pretty bad.

  3. it does look bad but i still think you are fucking awesome for making what you can with what you got its more then what i can say for people who make the same shit all the time or of edits of street fighter at least your doing something that no one has done so at least take credit for that you know i never new it had very little sprites but couldnt you rip the sprites from a video of the game or taking snap shots i heard you was able to do so to make sprites also there are other games of it for diffrent systems maybe think about taking a look at sega and sega cd and put all of them together maybe

  4. The only sprites I was able to find where this.

    So because it was just an enemy in a platform game, it just walked along and shoots, and then has the falling down and getting up sprites. That's all that was in that game.

    Looking again at that sprite sheet now, I could do a new intro for him where he shows up in the cop car, and gets out of it?

  5. ever thought od using his exo form