Monday, 23 July 2012


Character: Be-Bop & Rocksteady


 Be-Bop & Rocksteady!Close enough to being originals.
- CLSN fixes
- BeBop has a couple of re-instated specials. (still multiple shoulder charges)
- Lose animation fixed.
- Added sounds for gun and laser fire.


Character: Metal Head

I can't beleive no-one has ever made a Metalhead before? Well, here he is. Replaced sprites over Raphael by "Erradicator".

I haven't fully tested this one out yet, pfft, who am I kidding, I haven't fully tested jack shit I have made, but you may find a few bugs.



  1. Dude, your just downright awesome! Thanks alot and keep-up the great work! Peeps like you made Mugen what it is today!

  2. man, you chars are awesome!... thanks and congratulations!. :)

    my favourite are the bttf delorean and the knight rider. that even i have on toys replicas.

    awesome that finally someone have the imagination for do they on mugen!. ;)

    if you want more crazy-cool ideas...

    you should take a look to my youtube channel: cabo hicks in here:

    watch those streets of rage 2 hacks videos and the links in their descriptions...

    theres a tool named "pancake" wich allow you to edit original streets of rage 2 and 3, for edit the characters and create you own chars hacks.

    even exist one amazing hack: streets of rage 2 syndicate wars hack. where you will be abble to select ALL THE ENEMIES. all they become playable now!.

    this hack now is a little buggy, but anyway, with pancake is also possible edit this one.

    maybe you could now this amazing games, and could be interested on create some hack like the mugen chars.

    in fact, you can take your sprites for use they on one sor2, sor3 hack too.

    and, you know what? your mugen chars cars, remenbers me a lot this very original hacker, shen jiawey:

    he do many sor3hacks, many of them as vehicles too.

    and they are very funny and hillarious. as the bulldozer or the home safety edition.

    so, who knows... maybe if you are interested, you should be abble to create an streets of rage 3 hack using your cars sprites.

    i think that the limit size for it, is not too smaller looking to the shen hacks. isnt?

    i hope that you enjoy my youtube channel too. ;)

    i put there some curious things... as pro action replay cheat codes for mame for do rare things (iam a cheat finder) and many cool fangames or hacks if you are interested on something of it...

    for example: i could play double dragon 1 and 2 with enemies, or change the prehistoric isle endijng, using my pro action replay cheat codes.

    and is not hacking... is just pro action replay (par) cheat codes!.
    because saddly i dont have idea of hacking.

    greetings ;)

  3. Thanks, glad you like the chars. I did a shitty little sprite swap hack of Double Dragon a long time ago. Putting the Second games graphics into the first etc...